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An Efficient and Eco-Friendly Solution For Dumpster Cleaning

Atlas Eco Clean specializes in the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of residential and commercial trash cans and dumpsters. Our services sanitize your dumpster to deter pests, eliminate foul odors, and keep you and your employees safe from bacteria. Our innovative truck is equipped with high-tech features to give your containers a superior clean inside and out. Throughout the entire process, we take great care to ensure no damage occurs to your dumpster.
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Your Solution to Dirty, Smelly Trash Cans & Dumpsters

Commercial Dumpster Cleaning Process

Whether you're a restaurant, hospital, or hotel, we will leave your dumpster absolutely spotless! 

We will arrive on your regularly scheduled trash collection day to perform cleaning services. Before the cleaning process begins, your dumpster will be inspected to ensure all trash is removed from the container. Please note that we are unable to perform services if there is still trash present in the dumpster.  

Then, we spray the inside and outside of your dumpster with our high-pressure sprayer. Next, we mount your dumpster into the cleaning hopper where it will be washed, steamed, and sanitized with eco-friendly biodegradable soaps. The hydraulic system lifts your dumpster at the optimal angle for the ultimate deep cleaning. Every crevice is cleaned! As a precaution, the bin hopper contains a catch tray filtration screen to catch any missed debris.  

Here's where the deep cleaning happens! The inside of your dumpster is sprayed with our 360 degrees rotating sprayers with 190-degree hot water. The hot water kills 99.9% of bacteria growth for ideal disinfecting. The greywater is stored in a holding tank and will be disposed of responsibly.

Now your dumpster will no longer be a stinky eyesore to customers or employees! Your dumpster officially cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized, and ready for use.