Why Your Commercial Dumpsters Need Cleaning

Whether your business is a hospital, shopping center, or restaurant, you need to clean your dumpster.  

Hundreds of pounds of garbage is held by your dumpster regularly. With every garbage bag that is tossed in, the likelihood of bags being torn open and leaks occurring is high. One can only imagine the concoction of ingredients that pool at the bottom of the dumpster to form "garbage juice".  Dirty diapers, dog food, spoiled milk, all festering in an poorly circulated confined space. Yuck! 

This results in a horrendous odor that can be smelled from a fair distance away. Anyone who has ever been stuck behind a garbage truck while driving knows exactly what this smell is. This putrid aroma is the last thing you want associated with your business or facility.  

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Insects, rodents, and germs absolutely thrive in these conditions. Whether it's rats, stray cats, or a rabid raccoon, they will eventually make your dumpster their home. This poses a risk to employees and residents. Let's not forget that the residue of debris and liquids pooling at the bottom is a breeding ground for germs like: 

  • E Coli 
  • Listeria 
  • Salmonella 
  • Mold from food and fungi 

Keeping your dumpster cleaned can help prolong its lifespan. After all, dumpsters are used and abused. They're slammed down by garbage trucks and worn down. As a result, they acquire holes. This is where the garbage juice seeps into those tiny cracks, freeze, and expand during the colder season and speeds up rusting during warmer weather. The juice will then leak out into the surrounding areas and water sources, continuing the stench and eyesore.   

It's easy to task an employee or two to clean the dumpster but It's not efficient. It reduces valuable employee time at of your business and slows productivity. Plus, in order to truly clean and disinfect your dumpster, you need more than a hose and scrub brush. 


Fast, Efficient and Eco-friendly Commercial Dumpster Cleaning

That's where Atlas Eco Clean steps in. Our high-tech dumpster cleaning truck is fully equipped to tackle the dirtiest dumpsters in a timely manner. With our 360 degree rotating sprayers, 190 degree water, and heavy duty cleaning solutions, we completely refresh your dumpster. In addition, we care about the impact on the environment. So we use 20 times less water than DIY cleaning and appropriately dispose of the waste water. After us, your dumpster will be stench free, fully sanitized, and safe for everyone.


Apartments & Condominiums
Care Homes
Country Club
Fast Food Chains
Home Owner Association
Recreational Center
Schools & Educational Facilities
Shopping Center and Outlets
Supermarket & Grocers

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Our commercial dumpster cleaning services can be performed monthly or quarterly, depending on your cleaning needs.

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